Hydrogen Is the Driver Of Consciousness And Evolution

The living language of the universe is embodied by the singlemost powerful element of all: hydrogen. Water is the ultimate expression of balanced versatility within the physical realm; a combination of hydrogen and oxygen whose lightness of character renders it the perfect medium to carry life’s secrets in the Universe’s many diverse forms.

It is our very nature as bodies of water that makes understanding hydrogen so essential, not only to life but also to our recognition of the true nature of the cosmos as a whole.

Hydrogen may well be the spirit of water, and the ever-present holy spirit spoken of in scripture passed down through generations of ancient alchemists and wisdomkeepers.

In its primordial state it is the building block of the stars, and in its full manifestation it is the conductor of the divine symphony that is water. This ancient wisdom is further supported and validated by modern physics and cosmology which has revealed the true power and potential of and within water, largely driven by the miraculous and mysterious spirit of atomic and molecular Hydrogen.

In Aqua Divina, we will explore the remarkable properties of hydrogen and the evidence of its spiritual and metaphysical qualities as revealed through centuries of ancient teachings and newly acquired scientific insights.

We will consider our own relationship with water and its spirit, Hydrogen, as the modus operandi of consciousness. We will also explore the correlation between these macrocosmic revelations and the very real, everyday microcosmic effects water has on us as individuals.

Join me now, on a journey of discovery and exploration into the life-giving and transformative power of Hydrogen—the conductor of life-force energy that is in each and every one of us.
This groundbreaking work, representing the distillation of years of research by international water expert Isabel Friend, unveils the miraculous properties of hydrogen, proving it as the essence of life and the universe, deeply intertwined with our physical and spiritual well-being.

Michael J.

Isabel's latest creation has been nothing short of a revelation. The relationship between water, hydrogen, and the Holy Trinity has profoundly altered my understanding and experience of the universal hologram. I've adopted practices and insights she suggested, for a deeper sense of peace, and a connection to the divine that I had been yearning for. My relationship with God has transformed, more intimate and real. Isabel has discovered a hidden language of the universe that speaks directly to my soul, and I have a new way of relating to the Holy Spirit that both my left and right brains can get on board with. Thank you Isabel for giving me early access to check this out! It's one of a kind and clearly divinely inspired, I see Spirit is moving through you and speaking through you. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Sarah Piney

I've always been a woman of faith, but Aqua Divina has really deepened that faith. Understanding the science behind the spiritual significance of hydrogen has opened my eyes to the miracles that surround us and are within us. It's everything. These are the teachings I was missing, that no one else is teaching, but its really at the heart of so many scriptures and religious teachings if you know what you're looking for. If you don't think Hydrogen is relevant to you, think again!

Daniel Preston

I have been super obsessed with Hydrogen and sharing its wisdom and healing, and Aqua Divina kicked it up to a whole new level! This is unlike I've ever learned before, it synthesizes everything into a giant AHA moment after AHA moment. I've found a new sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the sacredness of life. This course is literally a gift to anyone on a spiritual path, the scientific path, or on their own health/wellness journey like I was.

Discover ancient wisdom and modern insights that illuminate hydrogen's role in health, healing, and our connection to the cosmos. Through a blend of scientific exploration, metaphysical insights, and practical applications, this guide invites you to experience the life-giving power of water, unlocking the secrets to vitality, consciousness, and our intrinsic connection to all that is.

Join us in uncovering the divine symphony of life, where water and hydrogen orchestrate a dance of creation, healing, and awakening.

This one-of-a-kind course delves into the profound connections between water, hydrogen, and spiritual consciousness. It explores how ancient wisdom and modern science converge in the understanding that hydrogen is not just a fundamental element but a divine essence that permeates all of creation, offering insights into the nature of the universe, the essence of life, and the spiritual dimension that binds them.

This guide illuminates the transformative power of living water and hydrogen, revealing their roles in healing, spiritual awakening, and the realization of our interconnectedness with the cosmos. By intertwining scientific findings with spiritual teachings, it will radically transform your perceptions of reality, inviting you to reconsider your whole cosmological paradigm.

And by the end of this awe-inspiring deep-dive into the fundamental nature of reality itself, you will not only have an entirely new relationship with water, you will have an exponentially deeper relationship to, and understanding, of the ineffable Wonder of God.

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