Your body is 70% water volumetrically.

And molecularly, you're 99.95% water!

So the water in your body is the MOST important factor in health.

We've all heard, "water is life"...

But what does this mean, and how can we use this truth to live more vibrant healthy lives?

In this FREE webinar, Aquatic Body, an exploration of what I like to call “holobiology”, how your internal biowaters mirror the external waters of mother Earth, in a way that links all of life’s hydrology.

This webinar is only 1 hour long, and will transform your relationship with your own embodiment FOREVER.

"Understanding that we are essentially water is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the universe." 

~ Dr. Masaru Emoto

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to a new paradigm of understanding around health that centers the primacy of the fluid systems of the body. We are bodies of water, and water is life. So leveraging the health and vitality of our internal waters is the KEY to a long, thriving life. And this simple shift in perception holds the missing keys in health, wellness, vitality and embodiment. 

How does our individual birth mirror the birth of humanity?

And what can each of these births teach us about our true nature?

How is my body water like the Earth's waters?

I don't feel like a vase of fluid, I feel solid. So if I'm a body of water, what kind of water is it? And how does it's quality affect my longevity and immunity?

How is human health mirrored in climatological health?

Our personal state of being is holographically reflected in environmental states of being and vice versa. This is the multidimensional reflectiveness of water. How can we use this sacred mirror to heal, collectively and individually?

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  Aquatic Body
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An Introduction to Internal Oceans

The Aquatic Body Webinar is an introduction to the deeper teachings of the Internal Oceans ecourse.

It includes a small sampling and overview of some key topics, concepts and teachings that are proven and explained more in-depth in the Internal Oceans Ecourse.

And if you watch the entire webinar, you'll receive a discount code for the full ecourse, to dive into the deeper and more expansively empowering full-length course content.