“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.”

– Lucy Larcom

Dive deep into the magic, mystery, and science of water. Explore the ancient mysteries and modern discoveries about the Liquid Source of Life with world-wide water expert, public speaker, and activist, Isabel Friend.

Isabel Friend

Hi, I’m Isabel Friend

I have a borderline obsessive fascination with water. I've been studying water for 10 years. I teach workshops, write articles, post videos, guestspot podcasts, facilitate ceremonies and host retreats about water.

Usually, when I mention this passion, people look at me like I just admitted to a fetish for dust. "Um... water?" they ask. "What do you mean?" As though it's the simplest and most boring thing on the planet.

But here's the secret I'm shouting from the rooftops:

WATER is the most complex and mysterious substance in the Universe! The latest research is mind-blowing, and I'm here to share it with you!

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

~Loren Eiseley

Water Is Life ... so allying with water is life-changing!

According to the ancients, water is the mediator between the physical and the divine, between the human and the heavenly. Knowing how to work with the element of water can facilitate communion, manifestation, and deeper states of prayer and meditation.

"Isabel's presentations are the most informational teachings I have ever been gifted with. I hope this spreads everywhere because this is definitely wisdom everyone needs to be exposed to."

- Petra P.

“Not only the thirsty seek the Water, the Water as well seeks the thirsty. Wash the dust from your heart and soul with Water's wisdom”

– Rumi

The secret is out: Not all water is created equal

Bottled water, tap water, RO or distilled water, spring water, well water, they’re chemically and structurally diverse.

Just because it’s all clear liquid, doesn’t mean it’s all the same.

The chemical compounds, vibrational frequencies, and molecular structures of these different kinds of water vary greatly, and they all have very different effects on your biology and psychology.

It may seem simple and ubiquitous, but science has still only scratched the surface of water.


It’s been said that fish have no awareness of the water that they swim in.

This may be true. But to what extent are we, as humans, aware of the water that we ARE?

We 70% water by volume. Yet molecularly, we are 99.95% water molecules.

We are water beings as much as we are human beings.

So, what is this incredible substance we are made of, which ancients revered and which defies many laws of physics? What is this unifying thread of life that animates and sustains all?

You’re invited to step into an emerging understanding of water as the liquid body of life. Such an understanding, informed by indigenous wisdom and modern discovery, draws us deep into the merging of spirit and science, and into a new generation of regenerative solutions for health, climate, energy, and peace.

Water is the foundation of a unified approach to ecology, politics, medicine, and more. This simple, profound, and graceful means by which all of nature sustains herself is beckoning us, showing us the way forward. And the secrets she shares are truly stunning, paradigm-altering and awe-inspiring.

Join us on this journey into the heart of life, into the blood of the earth, into the water you are.

Isabel Friend, she is an incredible woman and gentle soul. I believe we have entered the beginning of the Aquarian age. Water wisdom carriers like yourself will help us redefine how we understand life generating health and energy production “secrets.” For all my studying I have yet to find anyone that has put information together as well as yourself. I have immense gratitude for your ability to communicate the important and complex science of water.

~Shane Nerium

"I recommend so much every offering Isabel has to share. Come and catch it. Because it's a gift for yourself and also a gift for those around you, and for the world. You will come out with so many tools, you will be so inspired, it will change your life."

- Marce R.

What's so interesting about plain old water?

Water is far from simple. There are over 63 anomalies in the way that water behaves that scientists still can’t explain!

In fact, just recently, a fourth phase of water was discovered. Beyond solid liquid and gas, this fourth phase of water behaves like a crystal in that is has a structured molecular pattern and it can store and transmit information like a computer.

And guess what? It’s found all over nature and even within your own body! Drink this kind of water not only hydrates you better, but it promotes beauty, intelligence and longevity by strengthening your collagen, nourishing your cerebrospinal fluid, and lengthening the lifespan of all of your cells by supporting the cell membranes ability to absorb hydration and nutrients from the environment.

Your body is 99.92% water molecules. So understanding water may be the most profound shift you can make in your life!

It's time to embody the true empowerment of being a body of water living on a body of water.

Leverage water's wisdom to level-up your life!